Danny Boy Studio

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" I just viewed my new painting "Pot Belly" for the first time.  Wow!  It is absolutely stunning!  I cannot believe the clarity and the quality, truly amazing!   I chose this piece because it looks very much like my partner Gary.  He doesn't know I purchased it for his birthday.  I know he will adore it!"

-Ged , United Kingdom


"I am so delighted!  They are exactly as I thought, with an erotic charge...insane!  You are a really great artist, knowing and understanding the strength of each model in every detail.  I had to put the paintings in the lounge at the moment because in the bedroom they keep me awake!  They look at me, but do not come and join me . Hahaha..."    

-Terry D....Socoa Urrugne, FRANCE



"My experience with Danny has been totally positive, bordering on awesome; all the way from first contact to delivery of the finished painting to my front door.  It turned out exactly as I hoped it would and I have Danny to thank for making it easy and keeping me in the loop during its creation.   And, hey, the positive feedback from Danny’s fans and customers has been a blast!"

-John, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I wanted to call you right away to let you know my joy at receiving your magnificent painting.  It's a masterpiece!  I love it!  I am so glad to have it hanging in my home.  Furthermore, I am appreciative of your signing the tribute to Paul on the back.  It is just perfect!

-Raph M.,  Walnut Creek, CA...USA

" 'Dozing' was my second Danny painting, but it wasn't for me.  At an open mic I told stories about the accidental resemblances we encounter in our lives.  The last tale was about how the man on the canvas looked just like my friend Bob (in this photo). I presented the painting to him in front of the audience.  The look of surprise and delight on his face and the group was wonderful!  Thanks for the memories.  I really do enjoy your work.  Keep on painting!" 

-Bob...Oakland Park, Florida... USA



“Animal” was a present for my partner's 60th birthday.  To surprise Paul, I asked you to send the picture to a (female) friend of ours, Ada,  and to add a special message on the back of the canvas.  Both things you did without problems.  I’m very grateful to you, Danny, thank you very much !   “Animal” is a very strong and colorful work, a little unusual than your other work, but it has a great expression.   Paul and I are very proud to be the owners of this artwork .

"Animal" is for us a kind of dream-catcher … and two of our dreams are :   To buy more works of yours and to visit your studio someday!"    




"Wow, 'Blue Spirit' was one of the few last cuts before I decided to purchase 'Hugs' & 'Nightcap.'  Nicely done. Keep up the beautiful work.  Its always a pleasure to see the new artpieces come out!"

  -Brian...Ontario, Canada  


"We have so much of Danny's artwork that we are going to start a "Danny Room!"  The details are so amazing, especially with the body hair and eyes.  He makes the mature bear so sexy that you find yourself desiring him, wishing he was right next to you so you could hold him closely, caress his body, and run your hands through his fur."  

 - Bob and Mike...Goodyear, AZ, USA


"I love my new artwork!  Seldom have I seen such dedication towards the real male maturity as I do in Danny's artworks.  To me they represent male emancipation in the purest form. A true inspiration!"   

-Roel Tissingh...THE NETHERLANDS



"Being an art collector, I was attracted by Danny’s selection of nude and clothed male figures , and now I own several original paintings..  They are in my home and give me great pleasure.  Danny has a definite talent showing how the mature male figure is very attractive and manly. I wish him all the best in his future career endeavors."    

- Phil Copeland...San Jose, COSTA RICA




"The painting I purchased has brought tremendous pleasure, both artistically and seductively. Lots of friends have greatly admired the work, it’s been a major addition to my collection.  Thanks Danny for elevating male art to this level. And congrats on your recognitions in the art world!"     

-Ken Johnson...Havana, Florida USA  


"I have collected many of Danny's print works over the last several years.  I have so many that I only framed some of them, otherwise my walls would be filled.  I love the detail in all of them. You are unique because your men seem very realistic!"

-David...Bailly,  FRANCE


"We are enjoying 'Bear and Wine' that we got from you at Bear Bust.  We were very fortunate to get the original of this great picture!  We have it in or dining room and friends have all commented on what a nice painting it is.  It's erotic but not pornographic and can be displayed for family to see as well.  

It seems your art is just getting better and you are such a nice guy as well."   

-Sherman and Jim...Jacksonville, FL, USA



"We've remodeled our Victorian home and many walls cried out for art.  We wanted pictures of big, beefy men.  We came across Danny's website and he offers the kind of art we love. We bought rather a lot of Danny's work in a short space of time and will be back for more soon. Thanks Danny!"

-Johnny and Pitbull....Brighton, UNITED KINGDOM





"I've been wanting to send you a picture of 'Hunked Out' and let you know how much I love it!  In person the colors stand out more so than any photo can reproduce.  I am totally in love with this man you have created.  Thank you for doing what you do and being so damn good at it.  It really is a MASTERPIECE in my eyes."

-Joe...Dracut, MA, USA